About Us

Scrub Hard CleanersAre you so tired that you are thinking on skipping your weekend cleaning routine, than contact us and do it! If that is your case, we would advise you to reconsider because living or working in a dirty and soiled household or place of work shouldn’t be an option. However cleaning in a tired state of mind isn’t an option as well and this is why we are the ideal solution for your conundrum. We are a professional cleaning company that will gladly clean your residence or commercial establishment for you.

We are known to provide the best cleaning services in Kensington, so rest assured that we can clean your household or place of work from top to bottom, flawlessly. All the projects for which we are hired are carried out by a team of highly skilled and well equipped cleaning experts. We have handpicked every single one of our cleaners because we want to work only with the best professionals. In many ways it is because of our cleaning technicians that we have become the company of choice of the local inhabitants and business owners.

We have invested heavily into the finest cleaning instruments because:

  • We want to be able to easily clean heavily soiled areas and items
  • We want to be able to gain access to hard to reach areas and clean them properly
  • We believe that the better our tools are the better our services will be
  • We will be able to use different cleaning techniques

The cleaning detergents that we use are eco-friendly and are 100% non-toxic and non-chemical. We work with such cleaning solutions because our main goal as professional cleaners is to provide to our clients are clean indoor environment that free of harmful particles such as germs, bacteria, dirt, dust and etc.

Know that we maintain a 24/7 customer support service, so feel free to contact us at any time of the day.